It all starts with a vision, and there's nothing more fun than being able to develop it into reality. Whether it's a brand new house, reworking an outdated floorplan, or designing a new kitchen or bath, seeing the changes take place is always exciting.  If you have a challenging space or lot, no problem, Michael is up to the task. Tight budget? He'll do whatever he can to help you solve your space needs in the most affordable way possible.

Note:  all the new homes, and remodeled space shown on our website were designed by Michael Margrave. From floor plans, to renderings, he has the experience to do the job.  He is great at talking to clients and understanding what it is they are trying to accomplish, then designing a space to fit their needs.

Once designed, we have the experinece to bring your project to fruition. Give Michael a call if you have space that needs redone, a brand new home waiting to be designed, or just want to bounce around ideas. 

Samples of Exterior elevations & renderings, floor plans, interior renderings, etc. 


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